TiME to Grow: Personal Coaching and Consultancy with Jane Cann

YOU matter, your TiME matters. HOW we live with the TiME we have is often known to us, but WHY we do what we do is not so easy to understand.

Based in Melbourne, TiME to Grow® offers professional and personal life coaching and consultancy to explore and enhance the thinking behind your actions.

This gives you permission to take TiME for YOU and will unlock ways to experience TiME deeply and meaningfully. Making TiME to grow is within your reach, to explore your hopes, aspirations and future goals to become an even better version of yourself.  

As a personal life coach I help people, at all stages of life, to change their thinking. As a Meta-Dynamic Practitioner and Mindset Strategist I guide and support you towards your commitment for change by exploring why your mindset matters. This can occur in teams, business, personal relationships with others, or just life itself. 

Time is such a precious commodity, let’s connect and chat about how I may help you.

Contact me to organise an obligation free information session. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Jane Cann - Founder and Principal Coach
TiME to Grow Personal Coaching and Consultancy

Free Profiling Tool - Learn How You Think

The Mini Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool is your pathway to having greater awareness of your nature of thinking patterns. 

Free Profiling Tool - Learn How You Think

Associations & Accreditations

The Coaching Institute, Graduate Member - Certified Coach