I instantly felt comfortable with Jane, as if she already knew me! She brought fun, lightness and encouragement to our sessions and I came away from them feeling energised and with a renewed sense of self-belief. She shared many tools and techniques to raise my self-awareness and to help me manage my time more efficiently. She also explained my DISC profile in detail and was spot on with her many insights. She helped me to realise my strengths and achievements and acknowledge myself for them, rather than disregard them as is my usual pattern, bolstering my self-esteem. She showed me that I don’t need to change who I am to become successful but more how I can build on who I already am to get the success I know I can achieve. 

Alex Mason-Jones

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About Jane Cann - Personal Coach

About Jane Cann - Personal Coach

I started living over half a century ago. From an early age I knew I wanted to care for people and by four had decided I was going to be a nurse. At the age of seventeen I started a journey, which spanned over twenty years.

I am a qualified nurse and spent 23 years working firstly as a practising nurse within several hospital settings. I chose to work in the acute sector and it was these experiences that reminded me, every single day, of the sanctity of life. 

Confronted by life restricting medical conditions or a sudden realisation that life was coming to an unexpected end, I supported and guided patients to:

  • reprioritise;
  • gain perspective; 
  • fill the remainder of their lives with joy, forgiveness; and 
  • change the way they lived their lives.

I learnt that I needed to work with the patient to discover what was most important to them. This often required a sharp refocus on priorities. Sadly, for many of the people I cared for it was too late to live a life, created on their terms. Conversations were focussed on regret, of dreams unfulfilled, words left unsaid and decisions never made.

If these people taught me anything it is LIVE LIFE NOW. Your time is always NOW, not later, not yesterday. Don't wait until life shakes you around to get on with refocussing your life.

I became a great teacher of these values, both with my patients and student nurses as I moved into education and took on progressively senior roles within University life.

My compassion and love of people supported my vision of providing student nurses with technological expertise, academic rigour and deep respect and compassion for those they nursed. 

Life long learning is one of my greatest values and perhaps my greatest learning occurred when I surprised myself just before my 40th birthday, by becoming a mother of twin boys. Even if you are not a parent, you have been around small human beings and wondered at their resilience and patience to achieve. I chose to be a stay at home mother, as my core drivers in life are love and connection. 

These two small beings taught me so much in their younger years and still are my major role models of inspiration and motivation each day. 

Consider what you are doing here right now, reading this page. You know you want more, yet the fear of failure is strong. You are NOT ALONE.

Every adult knows fear, be it:

  • fear of failure;
  • fear of not being loved or not being worthy of love; and 
  • fear of not belonging. 

Perhaps, that has been a strategy you have been running most of your life. Staying in your comfort zone keeps you safe, yet by doing so you can cease to grow and develop.

Consider a young child learning to walk. They persist to get vertical and fall down, and they get up and do it again, fall down, get up, fall over, get up and so on. Imagine if we had the courage we all possessed as young children? We could do ANYTHING.

My young sons reminded me that in order to succeed you need to fail, over and over again. In failing we learn how to succeed. Imagine if all toddlers were like adults and took the viewpoint, well that didn’t work and gave up? The persistence and patience of my children have been some of my greatest lessons.

As an academic and professional, I became restless and my need to help others grew stronger and stronger. I am a teacher and connecting with others to share my knowledge led me to develop a small first aid training business, which enabled me to share my extensive medical knowledge and work with adults once again.  

I have taught thousands of adults, life saving skills. On one hand they achieved their goal of attaining a first aid certificate, yet much more than that, we explored the sanctity of life and how we are such a fragile species. 

And so, the years of nursing, teaching, counselling and compassionate curiosity regarding peoples lives, lead me to this page, writing to you about me.

Contact me today if you would like to learn more about how a personal coach can help you achieve your goals.