I instantly felt comfortable with Jane, as if she already knew me! She brought fun, lightness and encouragement to our sessions and I came away from them feeling energised and with a renewed sense of self-belief. She shared many tools and techniques to raise my self-awareness and to help me manage my time more efficiently. She also explained my DISC profile in detail and was spot on with her many insights. She helped me to realise my strengths and achievements and acknowledge myself for them, rather than disregard them as is my usual pattern, bolstering my self-esteem. She showed me that I don’t need to change who I am to become successful but more how I can build on who I already am to get the success I know I can achieve. 

Alex Mason-Jones

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Behaviour Profiling

When you need to dramatically increase your understanding of yourself and those around you, behaviour profiling (using a process named DISC) brings a heightened awareness and understanding to your personal and professional relationships.

The DISC model first made an appearance in 1951 utilizing the teachings of Carl Jung. In 1994 Extended DISC was born enabling us to go even more deeply into the unconscious mind meaning that we can create change at a faster rate and at the same time teach people the power of ‘mind reading’ their partner, employee, colleague or client.

It is also a valuable learning tool for families to understand the varied dynamics within the “tribe” and to appreciate and understand each person’s preferred energy type.

90% of all success comes from your ability to read and understand people.  A major part of your success in life, relationships and career comes from your ability to effectively understand another person’s view of the world.  And then enter it.  To appreciate how they see the world and see you.  It underpins why we get along with some people and not with others.  

With a firm understanding of your energy type and how you are adapting to your environment, you will be armed with an incredible advantage. You will be able to not only decode yourself but also anyone around you.  

With that insight, you can communicate in a 'language' that they will understand and have insight into why you do the things that you do.  And why they do the things that they do.  

You can then adjust your behaviour to create incredible breakthroughs.

What is DISC?

DISC is used by millions of people across the globe and the test is available for free on some great websites, especially tonyrobbins.com. It takes no more than ten minutes and provides a“bare bones” analysis of your energy types.

In summary the energy types consist of:

D – Decisive/Dominant/Male Energy

I   - Influencer/Interactor/Female Energy

- Stabiliser/Smoother /Female Energy

- Compliance/Processor/Male Energy

Point of Difference

To gain the most from this test, TiME to Grow Coaching offers a full unpack of the results and works with individuals or businesses to run one-to-one coaching sessions, as well as facilitate group learning in a personal or professional environment.

An extensive report is prepared which is then 'unpacked' by your coach in a one-to-one or group session lasting up to 120 minutes.  This will reveal where your natural energy lies, and where you can stretch and grow.  

Any difference between your internal unconscious behaviour and your external conscious personality can also give insight into your current challenges.

Coaching around these results will lead to a greater understanding of yourself and those around you and how to use your natural energy type to your best advantage.

Add to this a range of other factors such as, learning styles, archetypes, resourceful and unresourceful behaviours and thinking and processing modalities, and the uniqueness of the individual is revealed.

Each human being has all energy types and tends to rely on one more than another in a natural setting. The key, is to un-tap the potential to access all four energy types and become more behaviourally flexible.

A behaviour profiling session is included in all coaching programmes and forms an integral part of the one to one coaching sessions.

If this is something that interests you, contact me and let me help you to provide the ideal package for yourself or your team.