The Trap of Thinking

The Trap of Thinking

Baa Baa Black Sheep….WAKE UP….there is no fence!!

Do you feel like the black sheep in the family? The square peg that doesn’t fit in the round hole? The ideas person who constantly gets told by the nay sayers “it’s always been done this way”?

The trap of thinking like sheep is there is a group mentality. It is all about survival. If we all hang out together and act the same way, then no-one is going to harm us. It’s old brain thinking when we needed our cool wiring in our brain to keep us safe from sabre tooth tigers and dinosaurs. Our RAS (reticular activating system..i know..nerdy medical term but still so cool), keeps us safe today, for example; by noticing a car coming up the street when we are attempting to cross the road and prevents us getting knocked over.

However, and here’s the big BUT, it also keeps us safe by promoting a tribe mentality. Now that’s all good when you are working in a resourceful, dynamic, disruptive thinking team, yet for many, being the black sheep is criticised, torn down, ridiculed and so conformity sets in.  Leadership coaching can help you ensure members of your team don't feel this way.

Now I know I am talking to some awesome people right now, when I say BAA BAA BLACK SHEEP, come and join the flock where innovative thinkers, dynamic disruptors and out of the box thinking is celebrated. In fact, its so much more than that, it’s a benchmark for success and growth. 

By living your standards and lifting your standards, as a black sheep you stand out from the white sheep mentality of conformity.  You might not quite fit in and people treat you with suspicion.

The biggest universal fear we all share is the fear of not belonging. As we grow and desire to become an even more amazing human being, we have to move away from the WE mentality and find our unique voice. For many, this fear stops them from growing and they hide their magnificence under the white sheep coat of shame.

Others, who are brave enough, expand their comfort zone and with fear as their rocket fuel and courage as their sword, they move away from the herd to become I AM. And in doing so, they start to notice more black sheep on the other side of the “invisible fence” who are waiting for them to join their tribe. 

I trust this blog (or rant some may say) has stimulated some innovative thinking. I am a black sheep, I coach black sheep and I belong to a tribe of unique black sheep who celebrate my desire to become more, to live life more meaningfully, to experience time more deeply and richly.

So, are you queueing up for the gate like a good white sheep or are you ready to step up and become uniquely YOU.

Black suits you by the way…

Till then

Jane Cann