Values Elicitation Session

I spent an amazing couple of hours this morning with Jane as she elicited my current values and the values of my future self. So great to have the clarity around what I am valuing now that doesn't serve me and how to make a shift and move towards values that do serve me. The whole process was so powerful and empowering. Jane did an amazing job of making me feel safe and I would really recommend anyone looking to achieve amazing things in their life to go through this process with her. I know it has really provided me a sense of purposefulness and direction. Thanks so much Jane for your generosity and dedication to me having a powerful experience!

Kendall Clifton-Short

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Melbourne Monday Mindset Matters

with Jane Cann

Following are videos of my Monday Morning Mindset Matters.  A short video is posted each Monday.  Like my facebook page or subscribe to my youtube channel to keep watching.

Core Needs 3- Uncertainty

What does it truly mean to embrace uncertainty?

By letting go of the need to control and consider the possibilities of another perspective, we open our minds and hearts to a new way of thinking, and ultimately, a new way of BEing.

Life is uncertain, so why not take a big leap of faith in yourself and create the change you want to experience.

Core Needs 2- Certainty

How do our habits and rituals move us towards and perhaps, away from our desired goals towards living a life of fulfilment and purpose?

I explore with you today how the human core need of certainty can be used resourcefully to move you towards living your dream.

Mindset for Success

How we think shapes and determines our behaviour, actions and results.

Choose an attribute or characteristic of a person who has the success you desire and try it on for size.

It may feel unfamiliar to start with yet as it becomes a habit over time, the outside world with show you how success can be achieved.

It all starts with mindset.

Some characteristics to consider;
Compassion. Determination
Grit. Playfulness
Humour. Persistence

Paint a different picture 5 Day Challenge

What do you notice as you travel to work or get yourself ready for the day?

Are your thoughts and feelings going to create an amazing day or a beige uninspiring day?

We are all the artist of our lives. We choose what we focus on and mostly we have become unaware of these repeating everyday thoughts.

So today and for the week. Paint a different picture. 

Focus on being grateful for what you already have not what you lack.

Focus on the talents of those around you and compliment them.

  • Focus on nature around you and appreciate the landscape.
  • Focus on YOU and tell yourself a new story that inspires and stretches you.
  • Focus on the good, the kind, the generous.

And I wonder how your days over this week will appear brighter and more colourful.

It's a five day challenge so let's start NOW!!

What will you choose to focus on first? 

Wake UP Melbourne!!

It's time to say YES to life and all it offers and to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Make your dreams count for life is short and precious and unpredictable.

The gift those poor individuals on Friday have given us is a WAKE UP call to start living life as we want it to truly be.

Let's do this Melbourne. Let's make this tragedy mean as a personal gift to each one of us..... to LIVE

Push the pause button and ponder

When we push the pause button or stop altogether it creates a space to reflect on life and reset our priorities. After any pause, the next action is to:

Start again.

You can do this at any moment in time. Practice this often and allow yourself to experience time deeply.

Values and why they matter?

A value is an emotional state you want to experience on a consistent basis. Often when we set goals it's easy to overlook the importance of what we value, both resourcefully and un-resourcefully.

21 days to Your Success

Happy New Year. The first Monday of 2017!!

How are your goals looking for this year? Make them big enough to take your breath away and not so small they keep you in your comfort zone.

Today I share with you how to do one thing really well for the next 21 days to build your muscle to create change.

Love Yourself. Be loyal to your dreams

The greatest gift we can receive  is to be forgiving, kind and ourselves first.

You are Allowed

Say YES to you! This Monday Morning Mindset is a 5 minute recording as my passion for you and my challenge to you is explained.

You Matter.
You are allowed.
You can choose to create a new way of life in a heartbeat.
You will be seen.
You will be supported.
You are enough.
You are love.

Creating your success in 2017

What dreams and passions have you put on hold as life gets in the way?

What would it mean to create your life on your terms?

Your Success in 2017

The YourSuccess programme is being launched by Time to Grow in 2017.

You like me love to learn and grow. Having a group of like minded people, supported by a coach is the difference that makes a difference.

Back Yourself a Winner

With the Melbourne Cup tomorrow how are you placing your bets on a winner? In life, we need to put the odds in our favour and create our own version of success. 

Back yourself.
Be loyal to YOU

Moving towards your values

What do you value most in life?

Values shape our beliefs, attitudes and behaviour and we choose to experience them on a consistent basis.

Are you choosing to value experiences that are moving you towards or away from the success you truly desire?

Here's to Your Success

Why reinvent the wheel to success?

How does reinventing the wheel serve you in your current life?  Modelling someone who has what you want is using your time wisely.

Your success is important. So is your time. Rather than invent the wheel, look to others who have the success you desire, and model them.

  • Their thinking.
  • Their beliefs.
  • Their strategies.
  • Their behaviour.

All of it. Try it all on until you achieve the level of success you want then it becomes your success strategy to share with others.

Where do you live emotionally?

Our thoughts feelings and behaviours live within our emotional home.  

Wherever you go, there you are..

We carry our emotional home everywhere we go, like a metaphorical snail. And it's a good thing to check in and invest some time to notice how your home is creating your ideal life.

Be realistic!! Create your own version of reality

Your reality is created by what you choose to focus upon and the attitudes you create, based on a long chain of memories.

The wonderful power of the mind allows for reality to change in a heartbeat.. If we choose to create a better version.

Life is a Miracle

It's easy to get bogged down in life and choose to focus on what you don't have. To shift our state we need to remind ourselves about what we DO have.

Think of 3 things today that you are grateful for ... realise that you have a lot in your life you can be grateful for, even being here is enough!

Move forward with gratitude and love.

Be Your Own Inspiration

Being your own inspiration is a great place to start. By being our own inspirational role model we learn to back ourselves to become even more loyal to our innate talents and abilities.

You are unique. You are gifted. You are special.

What's your passion?

Love what you do, love where you are at. Progress takes many NOW moments.

How can you fuel your passion every day? If not today when?

Eat your marshmallow elephant and swallow your live frog

Do you live in the world of overwhelm and procrastination? We all do from time to time and successful people employ success strategies to break the mindset.

Try this strategy and don't forget your teaspoon and glass of water!!

Is love all you need?

I've had an epic weekend working with 100's of coaches exploring what it means to live a fulfilled life full of love.  What's love got to do with it? What's it got to do with work - with business?  

Ask and you will receive

Asking quality questions of yourself leads to quality answers. What you ask for you tend to get.  What you focus on is to the detriment of anything else. If you ask poor quality questions - you're probably going to get a poor quality answer. How about this week you think about the way you ask your questions. From relationships to how much money you're making.  

When busyness leaves the room

When we choose to sit awhile it allows for thinking. For some of us this proves too painful and we allow ourselves to keep busy, to avoid the discomfort. 

Yet what if, for a moment, this reflection allowed for you to choose the very next step purposefully? Knowing that, isn't it worth while allowing Busy to leave the building and embrace Possibility

Are your excuses holding you back?

Are we more loyal to our excuses than our life's purpose? How might that be holding you back?

Take a moment in time to flick an excuse into the past and reset this week without it. Notice what happens next..

Get on with it- what's the cost of waiting?

In business and life there's a tendency to "wait until the time is right" ... what I'm learning is we can't suspend those moments. We need to integrate them into our life now.  Why are we suspending purposeful living until another time? 

Make a decision today to stop waiting and "get on with it".

Create a Life of Purpose

Life is Short! We need to be doing what we want to be doing.  If not now..when? Say YES and work out how.

Challenge the status quo and if it doesn't fit of where you want to go with your life - challenge this. You can choose to make a difference.  How can you challenge your life right now?  If you don't like something - change it - no excuses.

The WHY behind being busy

Life is busy wouldn't you agree? If our busyness is moving us towards our big goals, aligning to our values in life and the big WHY then there is reward for our busyness. 

Would you like 24 hours just for you?

When we break down our daily activities it's amazing how much time remains available to us, when we choose to live life deeply.

Make time work for you

If we choose to, we can slow time down by making time for ourselves in small moments during our week. Notice your progress this week, take time to build in meaningful moments during the week that you really give your full attention to.

Time to make plans for the future start today

I'm passionate about how we use our time.  We don't know how much time we have, let's use it wisely.  I've been working on my business plan and what I've discovered is it's made me concentrate on what's important.


Invest Time in YOU - 23 May 2016

How do you invest more of YOU and your time in the life you want to lead?

Changing a simple word from spending to investing in time, brings a whole new depth to the choices we make for our life.

Experiencing Time Deeply

When we live a life of purpose we can sense that time is experienced at a deeper and meaningful level.

Gratitude and appreciation

It is not what we get from life, it is what we gain. By being mindful that the greatest gift we can give is our acknowledgement of others, we learn to appreciate and be grateful.

Strategies for Success

Whether it is a conscious or unconscious process, we all have strategies and some are more resourceful than others.  

Become the person you need to be

Consider the possibility that today is the last time you need to think a certain thought, act a certain way and prove to yourself once again, that you can't achieve your goals.

By BECOMING who you need to be to achieve the new possibilities you are setting out to achieve, requires a new way of thinking and putting in motion ways to prove you CAN DO IT.

Focus on Being Present

Whether it is a conscious or unconscious process, we all have strategies and some are more resourceful than others. 

Turning your dreams into reality

"Dreams are the seedlings of reality."  What's your dream? Going into Autumn how have you gone with turning your dreams into a reality? Your challenge: what have you put on hold? what are you working towards that hasn't turned into anything? Just get on with it and take the next step!