I recently had the absolute privilege of being coached by Jane Cann of Time to Grow. Jane is a thorough professional who instantly made me feel comfortable to reveal the deepest issues that were holding me back in many areas. Without judgement she made me aware of what I had control over and we worked together to develop new strategies and goals that have led to huge breakthroughs and a big lurch forward in my life through her gifts of drawing out insights, motivation and growing my confidence. I felt totally supported with Jane's coaching style - a blend of humour and damn straight honest feedback holding me accountable to achieve my outcomes and championing me across the finish line. Thank you Jane for being such an inspiring and empowering Coach. 

Katrina Blake

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What is a Life Coach?

People often wonder "what is a life coach" or "what is life coaching". Click one of the links below to read more about life coaching, it's history and definition.

History of Life Coaching
Definition of Life Coaching
Is Life Coaching counselling or therapy?

Life Coaching History

Life Coaching began its journey in the United States during the late 1980’s.

At first people would see either a psychotherapist or an analyst to help them overcome a specific problem ... for example:

  • to give up smoking
  • to overcome phobias
  • to help when suffering depression.

It was soon discovered that these people referred to as ‘patients’ didn’t have a ‘condition’ they just felt that their lives were out of balance. Some therapists, who became life coaches, dealt solely with these ‘patients’ who became clients; thus creating a new industry called Life Coaching.

There are now currently over 30,000 life coaches worldwide and life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. 

Definition of Life Coaching

In its simplest form Life Coaching is a relationship between two people, the coach and the client. However there are instances where a life coach may work with a group of people, within a workplace situation or running workshops (The Coaching Institute, 2016).

Life Coaching assists a client to achieve whatever they want in all areas of their life. It identifies:

  • where the individual is currently in their lives
  • where they want to be
  • what choices they have and finally
  • what they will commit to.

Life Coaching assists the client to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.  This is done through removing the stories and limiting beliefs they tell themselves about why they cannot BE, DO or HAVE something.

Then it’s about setting goals and creating empowering beliefs and attitudes that move the client towards their ideal life.

It’s all about momentum and ensuring you keep taking action.

Is Life Coaching Counselling or Therapy?

Absolutely NO! 

A counsellor or therapist tends to focus on a particular problematic life event and explores the past to elicit how the present situation may have arisen. There is a necessity in these professions to unravel the story.

Life coaching is about drawing a line in the sand and leaving the story behind.

This allows for the client to move forward to focus on the present and the future. We are whole, magnificent human beings and we all have “baggage”.

Life coaching does not focus on the problem, but the thinking behind the problem. By shifting the meaning attached to life events, it frees the client to think differently and choose to let go of old patterns of thinking.